Cafe Class

Small group writing classes in Metro Manila

Our online writing classes are a good bang for the buck. Online students receive comprehensive content and have a lot of time to accomplish their writing exercises. But, sometimes, we just want to learn with a teacher physically present. That's why we now offer Cafe Classes, where Dr. Joem will teach one of our 16 writing courses to you and up to two companions. This solo or small group setting ensures that learning is highly-customized and interactive. And while the class is only six hours long, Dr. Joem will be able to prioritize the parts of the course that are most relevant to your own goals.


Coursework - writing workshop online course

For a duration of six hours, you and up to two companions will receive short lectures and do on-the-spot writing exercises for one (1) course.

Because of limited time, the instructor will ask about your personal circumstances as writers in order to tailor fit our course content to your group's needs. Then, he will administer the writing exercises with time limits.

Certificate (upon accomplishment of requirements)

Be present for the whole class duration and do all the writing exercises to receive a printed certificate.

One to three students will each receive a printed certificate of participation. As long as you're there as an enrolled student of the Cafe Class and you follow the exercises as administered by the instructor, you're eligible for the certificate.

Consultation - story consultation, draft or outline

Apply what you've learned by submitting your draft or outline for a story consultation.

With the count starting on the day of your class, you'll have 28 days to submit a draft or outline (maximum 2,500 words) for a complimentary story consultation. We will have 2-3 story consultants comment on your work.


Get exclusive access to community events and perks that we offer in partnership with Story Sandbox.

We hold community events on the Story Sandbox Discord server. We have a writing conference or party once a quarter, as well as live audio calls to record the Ask A Writer podcast. We'll send you an invitation to the Discord server after your course has ended.

Available Cafe Class Schedules

The following Cafe Class schedules are in the Philippine Timezone (PHT)

Note: The above schedules include a one-hour lunch break.

Tier 1 Cafe Class Venues

Fee: ₱12,000 (₱2,000 non-refundable fee to reserve a date, ₱10,000 payable at the start of class)

Includes a maximum of ₱2,000 worth of food and drinks from our venue partner, as well as a table for four

We are working to add more venues to our list.

Note: We require minors to be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times during the Cafe Class. While we don't require that the parent or guardian participate, he/she will occupy a seat as one of the three students. This is because a Cafe Class is confined to a table for four. One seat will be occupied by the instructor, while the remaining three is for the student(s) and companions.

After Your Class

Story Consultation

Story Consultation

You'll have 28 days to submit a draft or outline (maximum 2,500 words) for a complimentary story consultation. You will also be asked to submit the following:


Q&A with Dr. Joem

Even after your class, you may submit questions for the course creator, Dr. Joem Antonio, to answer. A few times every quarter, Dr. Joem records a podcast to answer the questions submitted by students. You may join the Story Sandbox Discord server (after your course is done) to join the recording sessions live.

Online Writing Event

At the end of each quarter, Storywriting School hosts an online writing event. This is free to Storywriting School's students. In these online events, we have writing games, discussions, and live chats. It's our chance to socialize after getting our writing work done.

To book a Cafe Class, please email your preferred course and date to info at storywritingschool dot com.