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Storywriting Basics Courses

Courses on the basic aspects of storywriting; applicable to all genres, mediums, and formats

Storywriting Basics: Story Design

Storywriting Basics: Storytelling

Storywriting Basics: Characterization

Storywriting Basics: Story Themes

All four Storywriting Basics Courses may be taken as a 28-day intensive program, the Storwriting Basics Bootcamp.

Skills Series Courses

Advanced courses that help students master skills specific to the stages of writing: brainstorming, pre-writing, writing, and rewriting

The Writer's Spark: Catching Ideas

The Writer's Seed: Cultivating Your Story Idea

The Writer's Flow: Getting Into the Zone

The Writer's Eye: Editing Like a Writer

All four Skills Series Courses may be taken as a 28-day intensive program, the Storywriting Skills Bootcamp.

Third Quarter, 2021

These classes will be held online. To understand how our online classes work, please read the following page before signing up: Live and Online Classes

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