You'll be done in three steps!

1. Fill out our registration form

You'll be asked to provide student details, your preferred payment channels, and other information.

You'll also be asked to log the schedules you want to register for. If you're registering for a bundle, simply select the schedules included in the bundle.

Note: You will need to log into your Google account to fill out our registration form.

2. Pay using your preferred payment channel

We accept payments through:

  • credit card/PayPal (online payment)

  • bank deposit/transfer through BDO or BPI

  • GCash

You'll receive more details on how to pay after filling out the registration form.

3. Inform us about your payment

When you're done paying, you'll finalize your registration by informing us about your payment. You'll receive the procedure for this on our payment page. Please follow the procedure (do not just email us your proof of payment) so that you'd receive the class details as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why are your course fees cheaper compared to most other writing workshops?

We believe that everyone can learn to write stories, whether or not you'd like to pursue writing as a profession. We don't want to confine our courses to those who expect to earn from it. Hence, we've priced our courses to accommodate those who write for the love of it.

What does the course fee cover?

1. Online coursework (text lectures and writing exercises)

2. Personal coaching (specific to course content and objectives)

3. Certificate of completion in PDF (assuming all coursework is finished by the deadline)

4. Story consultation (2,500 words maximum, submitted within 28 days after the end of the class week)

How do I pay?

We accept payments primarily through three channels:

  1. online payment processing through PayPal - You may pay using a credit card (no PayPal account necessary) or through your PayPal wallet.

  2. bank deposit - You may deposit or transfer your payment to our BPI or BDO account.

  3. GCash - You may pay through a GCash transfer or through any of the many cash-in options supported by GCash.

After you register, you'll be given the link to our payment page, which has our online payment buttons and our bank details.

Do you provide discounts?

We provide an automatic 20% scholarship for minors (below 18 years old), enrolled full-time students, employed or licensed teachers, homeschooling parents, persons with disabilities, and senior citizens. In the registration form, you'll be asked if the student being enrolled falls under any of the above categories, and then to provide a photo or scan of a document that proves such.

What if paid but in the end, I can't make it?

Unless otherwise stated,* course payments are non-refundable. You may transfer your registration to a schedule that's within one calendar year of your original registration.

*Bootcamps are non-refundable AND non-transferable.