You'll find our course schedule below. Can't make it to any? Fear not! We could notify you about new schedules or you could schedule your own.

First Quarter, 2020

Quezon City, Makati

Second Quarter, 2020


These classes will be held online. To understand how our online classes work, please read the following page before signing up: Live and Online Classes

May 9-22 (Saturday-Friday)

May 16-29 (Saturday-Friday)

May 23-June 5 (Saturday-Friday)

May 30-June 12 (Saturday-Friday)

June 6-19, 2020 (Saturday-Friday)

June 7-20, 2020 (Sunday-Saturday)

June 13-26, 2020 (Saturday-Friday)

June 14-27, 2020 (Sunday-Saturday)

Third Quarter, 2020

Mandaluyong, Makati

July 4-10, 2020 (online)

July 11-17, 2020 (online)

July 11-17, 2020 (online)

Fourth Quarter, 2020

Taguig, Las Piñas

Online Classes

We conduct our online classes using Google Classroom, Docs, and Meet. All coursework (text lectures and writing exercises) are available at the start of class and are meant to be accomplished at the student's own pace within the class duration. The class includes one call with a personal writing coach and a Q&A video chat with Dr. Joem, but availing of these is optional. Those who submit all required writing exercises will receive a digital certificate. Students aged 8-12 are required to have a parent or guardian to assist going through coursework. More info >>

October 3-9, 2020 (Saturday-Friday)

October 10-16, 2020 (Saturday-Friday)

October 17-23, 2020 (Saturday-Friday)

October 24-30, 2020 (Saturday-Friday)

October 31-November 6, 2020 (Saturday-Friday)

November 7-20, 2020 (Saturday-Friday)

November 21-December 4, 2020 (Saturday-Friday)

December 5-11, 2020 (Saturday-Friday)

November 7-December 11, 2020 (Saturday-Friday)

  • November 7-20, 2020 - Storywriting Basics: Story Design

  • November 21-December 4, 2020 - Storywriting Basics: Storytelling

  • December 5-11, 2020 - Storywriting Basics: Characterization