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We have a unique approach to online courses. If you'd like to register for an online course, please read this page.

Important notice regarding June 2020 schedules

  • ALL course schedules in June 2020 are set to have live (in-person) classes and online classes. This is to assure that our schedules will proceed even with the unpredictability of measures against CoViD-19. More info on live and online classes >>
  • If government regulations will allow our live classes to proceed at our specified venues by the date of the class, we will proceed, but with limited seating in order to enforce social/physical distancing measures. Those who prefer to attend the live class will be prioritized according to their payment date.
  • If you register and pay but run out of seats in the live class, you will be automatically transferred to the online class (you will be notified in advance if you made the cut-off or not so you need not show up at the venue). Those who prefer to attend the live class but absolutely do not want to take the class online may choose to walk-in and pay at the walk-in rate if there are seats left. Information on available seating will be posted at https://www.facebook.com/storywritingschool.
  • If government regulations (e.g. quarantine measures) will not allow certain live class schedules to push through, all live class participants will be transferred to the online class.
  • All online classes will proceed even if the live class does not. The online classes will start on the same date as the live class, but participants will have 14 days to finish the class and its requirements. Only those who submit all exercises and requirements will be given a digital certificate.
  • Online classes will be administered through Google Classroom. Participants are required to have a Google account in order to join the class.
  • Younger participants of the online class may need assistance from their parents or guardians, since a digital device will be required to join and participate in the class.

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