Don't let writer's block stop you.


We're a writing school that welcomes anyone who wants to learn how to write stories—no magical talent, prior training, or writing experience required.

Award-winning playwright and author, Dr. Joem Antonio, conducts a writing workshop. Dr. Antonio is the creator of Storywriting School's courses.
Award-winning playwright and author, Dr. Joem Antonio, conducts an in-person writing workshop. Dr. Antonio is the creator of Storywriting School's courses. All his courses for Storywriting School are now available online as seven-day, self-paced writing courses.

A step-by-step approach

We'll teach you how to build stories in steps and stages that you'll be able to replicate outside of class.

Learning by doing

What better way to learn writing than by, you guessed it, writing! Our classes include lectures, but you'll be doing writing exercises for the most part.

Concrete learning outcomes

Each course has specific target outputs or skills that you'll attain after having done all the required exercises.

Please refer to the course description for the learning outcomes of each course.

Seven-Day, Self-Paced Online Writing Workshops

Click/tap on each course's icon to view the course description, schedules, and other information.

Niche Courses

Crash courses on specific genres, mediums, or formats

How to Write Children's Stories
How to Write Horror
How to Write Sci-Fi/Fantasy
How to Write Scripts for Theatre
How to Write Love Stories
How to Write Historical Fiction
How to Write Memoirs
How to Write Crime Fiction

Storywriting Basics Courses

Courses on the basic aspects of storywriting; applicable to all genres, mediums, and formats

Storywriting Basics: Story Design
Storywriting Basics: Storytelling
Storywriting Basics: Characterization
Storywriting Basics: Story Themes
These four consecutive courses may be taken as a 28-day intensive program, the Storywriting Basics Bootcamp.

Skills Series Courses

Advanced courses that help students master skills specific to the stages of writing: brainstorming, pre-writing, writing, and rewriting

The Writer's Spark: Catching Ideas
The Writer's Seed: Cultivating Story Ideas
The Writer's Flow: Getting Into the Zone
The Writer's Eye: Editing Like a Writer
These four consecutive courses may be taken as a 28-day intensive program, the Storywriting Skills Bootcamp.

What you get with each online writing course registration

Coursework - writing workshop online course

You'll do the coursework at your own pace, but as with most writing projects, you'll have a deadline.

The moment you join the class in Google Classroom, you'll have access to all the coursework (text lectures and writing exercises), which you're meant to go through at your own schedule while aiming to finish within seven days. This mimics the typical working conditions of a writer: you have control over how you get your writing done, but your boss or client will likely have deadlines for you to meet.

Coaching - personal writing coach

Your writing coach will give you feedback.

Your assigned coach will review your writing exercises and comment on your work as needed. Your coach will also offer you one coaching call (video or voice) to discuss your goals and circumstances. This call is the only synchronous event in the online course. If you'd rather not have this coaching call, you may opt out of it.

Certificate of Completion -  writing exercises submitted by the deadline

Meet the deadline, receive a digital certificate.

If you finish all the required exercises on or before the deadline, we'll send you a digital certificate. In case you don't finish by the deadline, you may continue working on the exercises on your own, without receiving feedback from your coach. (Note: We also allow you to pay for additional weeks of coaching and extensions of your deadline, but we'd really rather you finished on time!)

Consultation - story consultation, draft or outline

Apply what you've learned by submitting your draft or outline for a story consultation.

After the end of your seven-day online course, you'll have 28 days to submit a draft or outline (maximum 2,500 words) for a complimentary story consultation. We will have 2-3 story consultants comment on your work.

Note: Because our online courses require time management, we require students aged 8-12 to have a parent or guardian to assist the child in going through coursework.

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