The Parenting Emporium

"It takes a village." That's why The Parenting Emporium is here. It's a place where mom and dad find support for their parenting journey, hence TPE's tag line, "Parenthood Shared." TPE serves both as a store for brands that parents love and a venue for relevant events. We partner with TPE for classes we know parents would be excited to attend.

A few notes

  • 1st Street is a one-way street. Please take note of this especially if you are driving. But, no worries, you'll find The Parenting Emporium on Waze.
  • There are parking spaces inside TPE.
  • The Gilmore Station of LRT Line 2 is nearby.
  • There are places to eat in along Gilmore Ave.
  • There are power sockets that you may use to charge your devices, but they are limited. We advise that you bring your own power banks if you intend to rely on a device for writing.

Address: 29 1st Street, New Manila, Quezon City


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