Pay through

What to do

1. If you've already indicated this as your preference in your registration form, please wait for our payment request through the email you've specified. Otherwise, please email to ask for a payment request.

2. Tap on the link in the payment request. You'll see the different channels through which you may pay for your enrollment. As of this writing, there are four that you may choose from:

  • wallet
  • 7-Eleven
  • M Lhuillier
  • Cebuana Lhuillier

That page will indicate the service fee for each channel.

3. Pay through your preferred payment channel.

Please follow the instructions based on your selected channel. You may also view the instructions here:

4. After paying, please take a photo of or scan your receipt. Go to and log your payment. You'll also receive details about the class and the venue through this form. service fees

The information below was taken from Please visit this link to get the updated service fees.

Payment through wallet

No service charge

Payment through 7-Eleven

P 20 to P 100: free

P 101 to P 20,000: 2% of the amount requested

Payment through M Lhuillier

P 20 to P 1000: 5% M Lhuillier fee + P10 fee

P 1,001 to P 4,000: 5% M Lhuillier fee + 1% fee

Above P 4,000: 5% M Lhuillier fee + P40 fee

Payment through Cebuana Lhuillier

P100 to P20,000: P40