Live and Online Writing Courses

Starting in the second quarter of 2020, Storywriting School will hold both live (in-person) and online classes. This is to ensure that all our classes will proceed as scheduled despite the unpredictability of CoViD-19 measures. However, since many have asked us to put up online courses even before CoViD-19, our plan is to come up with online counterparts for all our courses and schedule them throughout the year.

For our schedules in Q2 2020, which covers our May and June 2020 classes, our online classes will start on the same date as the schedule of the live classes. All online classes in May and June 2020 will have a 14-day duration. Also, the pricing for both online and live classes will be the same for this period. We will decide, in the coming months, if we will follow these same practices for our succeeding online class schedules.

Wondering what you'll get from the live vs online classes? Here's an overview:

Similarities between our live and online courses

  • The content is essentially the same. Both will have short lectures and lots and lots of exercises.
  • The course objectives and output will also remain the same. Please refer to the course page of the course you're interested in to read its description.
  • Unless otherwise stated, the content of Storywriting School courses were created by Dr. Joem Antonio.

Differences between our live and online courses

Live (in-person) class

  • We hold our live classes in different venues throughout the year. While we try to bring our live classes to as many people as possible, we can only be in one place at a time, and can only have so many people in a class.
  • Dr. Joem customizes his teaching for the current class. At the start of a live class, he asks each one to describe his/her circumstances and briefly state his/her expectations for the class. This allows him to tailor-fit the content to make sure the students' needs are addressed.
  • When Dr. Joem comes across new techniques, he often chooses to mention them in his live classes. Hence, the live classes will always be the most up-to-date versions of our courses.
  • Students will sometimes be asked to share their answers to exercises, but submitting them to the instructor is not required.
  • Since class time is limited, the instructor will give time limits for all writing exercises.
  • All students in attendance will receive a printed certificate at the end of the course. There will be no exam or submission of requirements.
  • In a live class, you'll personally meet a number of aspiring and experienced writers. It's great to meet like-minded friends!

Online class

  • We use Google Classroom, Drive, Meet, and Gmail to administer our online classes. You will need a Google account to join. In case you don't have one yet, you may sign up for one for free.
  • The course was designed to be taken in a self-paced (asynchronous) manner and with a low bandwidth requirement. You may do coursework anytime, anywhere as long as the class duration has not ended. However, to help you absorb the lectures and do the exercises fruitfully, we recommend scheduling time for the class and staying in a place that's conducive to learning.
  • To be inclusive of students with limited Internet bandwidth, all our courses are basically in text format (with some illustration if necessary). We are, after all, a writing school—we expect that our students are capable of learning through reading and writing. As we progress, we will add audio and video to our course content, but these will be optional to fulfilling the course requirements.
  • Because it will be difficult to customize the class content according to individual students' needs, the lectures in our online classes tend to be longer and more general. However, you may ask questions through Google Classroom in case there are specific points you want to address.
  • You will also be assigned a personal writing coach, who will help you form realistic goals and give suggestions on how you can maximize the course. Your personal writing coach will arrange a call (video or voice) or chat with you for this purpose. However, our online courses are still student-driven; students remain responsible for scheduling time to accomplish coursework and fulfilling that schedule. As such, availing of personal coaching is completely optional, though we encourage our students to take advantage of it.
  • We will hold a live chat session with Dr. Joem through Google Meet. He will answer questions through this chat session, but attendance is optional.
  • The duration of our online classes are typically much longer than live classes. The actual time you take in going through the content will depend on how quickly you go through the lessons.
  • Submission of exercises and other requirements is necessary for a student to receive a digital certificate after the end of the class duration.
  • Since our online courses are heavily-reliant on technology, we REQUIRE parents and guardians to help younger students (e.g. 8-12 years old) in navigating Google Classroom, Docs/Drive, Meet, and Gmail. In addition, while we have personal writing coaches to help each student achieve their goals, accomplishing coursework is still a student-driven effort. Students who are too young to set and follow their own schedules must have a parent or guardian to make sure that they are making progress in reading the lectures and answering the exercises.