There comes a time in a teacher’s life when they need a story they can use to teach a particular lesson, only to find that there are no storybooks readily available to them. While the lesson may be clear in a teacher’s mind, the process of transforming a lesson into an engaging story, not to mention one that's appropriate to their students’ capabilities, can be a tedious challenge—especially to a teacher who’s already busy from the constant demands of the profession.

Writing Children’s Stories for the Classroom is an eight-hour crash course that brings method to the madness. You’ll go from learning outcome, to story concept, then to writing, and lastly, to editing. Our instructor will guide you through the process, step by step—no writing training, experience, or elusive talents required. You’ll have the initial draft of your children's story by the end of the day.

Course outline

  • Choosing an appropriate subject matter for your story
    • Knowing your readers and their needs
    • Knowing the parameters of the story such as word count, etc.
    • Zeroing in on a topic for the writing project
  • Pre-Writing Phase
    • Transforming a topic into a premise
    • Transforming a premise into a plot
  • Writing Phase
    • Transforming a plot into a zero draft
    • Assessing and refining your zero draft
    • Reassessing and further refining your zero draft to turn into a first draft
  • Rewriting Phase
    • Presenting the first draft to a test audience
    • Working on the wording and sentences
    • Developing the appropriate title

Our teacher

Writing Children’s Stories for the Classroom is taught by Dr. Joem Antonio. A published children's author, he has a Ph.D. in Creative Writing from UP Diliman and is an eight-time Palanca Award winner. He's currently the Director of the Humanities Program at the University of Asia and the Pacific.


This course is scheduled after receiving requests from groups and organizations. If you'd like to schedule this course, please contact us.