For imparting morals through storytelling, a literary genre has proven itself effective since ancient times: the good old fable. These succinct, fantastic, and memorable stories shape our moral tradition as they're told and passed on in different mediums. And while it's too late for us to become part of ancient folk literature, we can still take advantage of fables to impart practical truths that will uplift others.

How to Write Fables is a course as quick and practical as the genre. You'll be guided through a speedy, methodical approach in transforming a moral lesson into a simple yet entertaining story form. You'll also see a few examples of how you could publish your own fables.

This course requires no prior writing training or experience—just an eagerness to teach through story.

Minimum age for this workshop: 8 years old
Live (face-to-face) class duration: 3 hoursOnline class duration: 5 days

Our teacher

How to Write Fables is taught by Dr. Joem Antonio. A published children's book author, he has a Ph.D. in Creative Writing from UP Diliman and is an eight-time Palanca Award winner. He's also the Program Director of the MA Humanities program at the University of Asia and the Pacific.

"How to Write Fables" Online Course

This online course on fable writing aims to help you write a fable in as little as three hours of coursework. It includes audio lectures that impart basic concepts, as well as a step-by-step writing process that brings you from concept to draft.

The course is based on a live workshop conducted by Dr. Joem Antonio at The Parenting Emporium on December 11, 2018. It was a three-hour crash course that had homeschooling children and parents as its audience. We recorded Dr. Joem's voice and then edited the clips to suit this online course. We’ve also edited out the names of the students in that workshop to protect their privacy. While you may not belong to the above demographic, the content still applies, though we volunteer this information so that you’d understand the context of the students whose voices you’ll hear in the audio clips.

We'll ask you, our online learning student, to fulfill the same demands that Storywriting School asks from students in live classes. Dr. Joem's workshops are always writing-intensive, and this one’s no exception. To take advantage of this course, you'll need your writing weapon of choice: pen and paper, smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop PC. You'll also need to devote focused time to both listening and doing the quizzes and exercises. While you have the luxury of going through the course piecemeal instead of a three-hour stretch, we nonetheless ask for your full attention every time you go through the course content. This course isn't the type you’d listen to while doing something else. Much of the learning happens when doing the exercises, so you need to be focused whenever you do step into the virtual classroom. If you think you'll have trouble doing this, we strongly suggest that you schedule a three-hour block of your time and then go through the course as if you were attending the live class.

We use Google Classroom to conduct this online course. You’ll need a Google Account to participate. We suggest you use the mobile app, but this is not required—you may use the Web version exclusively if you wish. In case you don’t have a Google Account, please get one; it’s free.

To submit your assignments, you may use Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Rich Text Format, Plain Text, or a photo/scan of your handwritten work. If you’re submitting the latter, we ask that you make your handwriting legible so that the teachers can check your work. Please remember that you need to submit all the assignments by the due date for you to receive a digital certificate from Storywriting School.


You'll find our course schedule below. Can't make it to any? Fear not! We could notify you about new schedules or you could schedule your own.

January 31, 2019 (course is open by Jan. 17, registration is open until Jan. 24)

Audio-based online course via Google Classroom

₱1,200 (paid on or before Jan. 24)*

*Minors, full-time students, employed or licensed teachers, homeschooling parents, persons with disabilities, and senior citizens are automatically given a 20% scholarship after presenting documents as proof.