We believe that, with the appropriate training and practice, anyone can learn how to write stories.
We're looking for partners who'll help us bring storywriting education to as many people as possible. We have the following programs in place:

Event Partners

Would you like to earn by hiring Storywriting School to teach a course? By franchising one or more of our courses, you'll get instruction, branding, and basic marketing materials for a package fee, while you take the rest of the revenue. You'll be responsible for marketing, logistics, finance, venue, etc. This type of partnership is great for event entrepreneurs. If you're interested in being an event partner, please contact us.

Venue Partners

If you own a venue that's appropriate for our storywriting courses and have your own network of customers, you could host Storywriting School courses on a profit-sharing arrangement. Please visit our Venue Partners page for more details. Or, if you're more enterprising, you could become an event partner (see above).

Online Community Partners

Do you manage a Facebook group, online forum, or another type of online community whose members would be interested in our courses? If so, you might be interested in being our partner. In exchange for promoting our courses to your community, you'll receive free seats to Storywriting School courses, as well as exposure on our website, online properties, and live workshops. Please visit our Online Community Partners page for more information.

Media Partners

Do you own a publication, blog, show, or social media account that has a substantial following? As a Media Partner, you'll promote our courses and, in return, we'll give you free seats to our courses and exposure on our website, online properties, and live workshops. Please visit our Media Partners page for more information.

Don't see a program that applies to you? Please get in touch with us. We'd be glad to hear from you!