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Millenia Suites


Unit 1110, Millenia Suites
8001 Escriva Drive, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

(1110 is room J on the 11th floor)

Nearby landmarks

NEDA (across the street)
University of Asia and the Pacific
Astoria Plaza (same street as Millenia but Astoria is nearer Shaw)

Getting there

If you're taking public transport, the simplest option is a cab, Uber, or Grab. Just tell the driver to drop you off at Escriva Drive in front of NEDA. If you want to ride the MRT or a bus, please get off at Shaw Blvd./Crossing and then take a cab from there, or you may walk from Crossing to Millenia Suites.

If you're bringing a car, there are numerous ways to get there, so kindly consult a map if you're not familiar with the area. There is a parking lot beside NEDA and across the street from Millenia.

Normally, we'd have a teaching assistant waiting at the entrance to accompany you to the unit. But in case you arrive and the teaching assistant is not by the entrance, which may happen if you arrive as another student is being shown in, please go directly to unit 1110. There is no need to register at the guard or the hotel's front desk. Simply enter the main entrance, walk straight ahead, and you'll find yourself outside the elevators. All three elevators in Goldland Millenia Suites service the 11th floor. Ride one to the 11th floor and then knock at the door of unit 1110.

Where to eat

Millenia has a café at the ground floor, but expect hotel prices. Along Escriva Drive, there are convenience stores (7-Eleven and Ministop) and Korean restaurants. If you don't mind a bit of walking, there are many more options along Pearl Drive: KFC, Jollibee, Buddy's, Mang Inasal, Yellow Cab, McDonald's, Pancake House, Starbucks, etc. You may also bring your own food and eat it at the venue, but note that we do not have facilities for food preparation.